Store Pickup App F.A.Q

Everything you need to know about our Shopify App that
lets customers pickup their orders from your store.


What is it?
How does it work?
How to install
How to stop the pickup product from appearing in catalogue page
How and why to edit the pickup product
How to add digital downloads
How to charge for pickups
How to uninstall or pause pickups
Add an extra message after checkout

What is it?

Installing the Store Pickup App will give your customers the ability to collect their order from your store, rather than have to pay for shipping. It seamlessly appends to your cart and gives you the option to require a date, phone number and name for the pickup as well.

How does it work?

The app adds a button to your cart that customers can select to choose if they want to pickup their order.
If selected, we automatically add a 'Store Pickup' product to the customers cart. This makes the order match a pickup only shipping option.
The customer's pickup date, name and phone number are all appended to the order attributes so you can keep track of pickups easily.

How to install

Once you've installed the App from the Shopify app store, most of the code will already be installed in the background. There's just two things you have to do to get everything working. These steps are described below, but in case you are not tech savy you can contact us directly by clicking here, I'll request limited access to your store and make all the necessary updates for you.
This is our email address, in case the above link doesn't work: support [a]

1. Create a weight based shipping rate

The app uses shipping rates to offer the pickup in store option to customers. For pickups to work properly, you will have to create a weight based shipping rate.

  1. Navigate to your shipping settings.
  2. Click on edit shipping zone
    Shopify Store Pickup App cart notes
  3. Under 'Weight based rates' click 'Add rate'
    Shopify Store Pickup App cart notes
  4. Add a name of your choosing to the shipping rate such as "Store Pickup"
  5. Set 'Minimum order weight' to 200,000 lbs (or 90,000 kgs)
  6. Set 'Maximum order weight' to 210,000 lbs (or 93,000 kgs)
  7. Shopify Store Pickup App cart notes
  8. Click "Done" to save your new shipping option.
  9. If you would like to offer pickups across multiple shipping zones - repeat the above steps for each shipping zone where you want to offer pickups
Using shipping rates gives you greater control over price and which areas you want to offer pickups. If you have particularly large items that might not work with this system, contact us to discuss an alternative approach for your store.

2. Billing address

  1. Navigate to "Settings" section of your store and select "Checkout"

  2. Scroll down to "Order processing" and disable the checkbox where it says "Use the shipping address as the billing address by default"

That’s it! Your pickup should now be visible in the cart with the default settings. You can now add settings and stores.

In case the option is not displayed on your cart page, make sure to set your cart page settings to work as Page. If still you encounter problems, contact me directly, I'll request limited access to your store and update all the necessary settings for you.

How to Stop the Pickup Product from Appearing in the Catalogue Page

Most stores will have a collection that displays all of their products available at /collections/all. Typically you don’t want the Pickup Product to display here.
You can follow this guide to edit your catalogue page. To do this:

  • Create a collection with the title ‘All’
  • Create a condition where Product title is not equal to “Pickup Instore”

How and Why to Edit the Pickup Product

The Pickup Instore product is automatically added to the customer’s cart whenever they have chosen to pick up their order. The Pickup Instore product is a normal product just like any other products which allows you to do a few interesting things:

  • Add a price to charge for pickups. This can also be done by charging for your shipping rate, however charging for the pickup product as opposed to shipping makes it clearer to the customer (having to pay for shipping when they are picking up can be confusing).
  • Add a product description that can explain your shipping policy and the process behind it.
  • Change the thumbnail
  • Create a digital download that gets emailed to a customer when they have elected to pickup.

What not to edit

The Store Pickup app uses a few things in this product to work. So do not edit the:

  • Handle. This should remain store-pickup-app. We use the app handle to reference the product so we can automatically add and remove it from the cart.
  • Weight. The Pickup Instore product has a deliberately high weight. This is a work around for Shopify’s shipping methods without needing to use carrier-calculated shipping which isn’t available to all Shopify stores. If having this high weight product will impact your store (for example you have items that weigh hundreds of kilos, contact us to talk about a workaround).

How and Why to Add Digital Downloads to your Pickup Product

You can use Shopify’s free Digital Downloads app to email customers with information about their pickup. To do so:

  • Add the Digital Downloads app to your store
  • Navigate to the Pickup Instore product (automatically added to your store)
  • Under “More Actions”, click “Add Digital Attachment”.
  • Upload a Word, PDF etc file

Now when your customer selects to pickup their order, they will automatically receive an email with the digital attachment.
This allows you to provide instructions such as your store hours, your address and details on any policies you have such as requiring photo ID or for returns.

How to Charge for Pickups

There are two ways you can charge customers for having their order held to be picked up.

  1. Edit the shipping rate. Under Settings -> Shipping you will find a “Store Pickup” shipping rate for orders weighing 10,000 - 20,000kg. You can edit this rate to adjust the “Rate amount.
  2. Edit the Pickup Instore Product (Recommended). The Pickup Instore product is automatically created in your cart when the app is installed. This product is added to the customers cart whenever they have elected to pickup their order. You can change the price of this product just like any other product.

Editing the pickup instore product is recommended. Customers might find it confusing that they are being charged for shipping when collecting their products and that the Pickup product in their cart is free.

How to Uninstall the Store Pickup Shopify App

To permanently uninstall, just delete the app from your within your store's admin. This will disable the pickup app, however some code will still remain on your site. To completely remove all code and ensure your cart page loads as quickly as possible it is recommended you:

  1. Remove the {% include "creativer-store-pickup_v1_3" %} line from your cart.liquid file
  2. Remove the {% include "creativer-store-pickup_settings" %} line from your theme.liquid file
  3. Delete the creativer-store-pickup_v1_3.liquid snippet

This will ensure all traces of the Store Pickup app are removed.

Add an Extra Message after Checkout

To make you pickup process extra clear to customers, you can add a message at the end of the checkout process for customers who have selected Pickup as their shipping option.
Shopify have a guide on how to add a custom message to your checkout here.


If you are having problems, feel free to contact us anytime. This is our email address: support [a]
Please mention also what is your store url.
There are a couple of things you can check to make sure everything is working:

  • Make sure there is a shipping rate set up that covers items from 90,000 kg or 200,000lbs
  • Make sure you have a Pickup Instore product that has a handle of store-pickup-app